Report of JHARKHAND on December 13, 2018
Serial Question Status Remarks
1 Total No. of Schools (Govt./ Aided/ Local Bodies) & EGS/AIE Centres obligated to provide Mid day Meal. 40025
2 Total No. of Schools (Govt./ Aided/ Local Bodies) & EGS/AIE Centres actually providing Mid day Meal. 40007 In 18 schools Saraswati Vahini Samiti is in the process of formulation.
3 Have any budgetary provisions made to provide assistance for cooking cost, infrastructure, procurement of kitchen devices/ construction of kitchen-cum-store room/ cooking utensils/ utensils for children to have food/ pure drinking water/ water for washing and cooking food and washing utensils/ dining room, if yes give details. (Pl. Ref. Clause 2.6 of MDMS) Till now no budgetary provision is made for dining room.
4 Have any State Norms formulated of expenditure under the different components of the Scheme as mentioned above, if yes, give details and bifurcation head-wise (Pl. Ref. Clause 2.6 r/w 3.3 of MDMS) Yes. Sl. Component Sharing Ratio (in %) Cent. Share State. Share 1. Cooking Cost 60 40 2. Hono. to cooks 60 40 3. Cost of food grains 100 0 4. Transportation 100 0 5. MME 100 0 6. Kitchen Shed 60 40 7. Kitchen Device 100 0 8. Egg/Fruit 0 100 9. Additional Hono. 0 100
5 Have any guidelines/ modalities developed for day to day management and monitoring of implementation of the MDM scheme, if yes give details. (Pl. Ref. Clause 3.4 to 3.6, 6.2 & Ann. 12 of MDMS) For day to day monitoring following steps are in practice :- 1. AMS for online monitoring. 2. Telephonic monitoring of 240 schools daily at State level and 50-50 schools at district and block level. 3. 15 schools inspection to be done by DSE and 30 schools by BEEOs on monthly basis. 4. One week inspection of MDM in schools in every quarter.
6 Have any safety specification formulated for construction of kitchen-cum-store room (Pl. Ref. Clause 2.6 r/w 4.2 & Ann. 9 if NDNS), if yes give details. The kitchen-cum-store rooms are designed by the competent engineer and the same is being formulated. However, SMC is responsible for construction of kitchen sheds in schools.
7 Has any system established for Food Corporation of India for continuous and un-interrupted flow of food grains to all eligible schools and Centres, if yes give details. (Pl. Ref. Clause 2.6 r/w 3.7 & 3.8 of MDMS) The allotted food grains for the state flows from FCI to SFC and then from SFC to schools. Food grains are carried through transport system.
8 Have any guidelines formulated to promote and facilitate peoples' participation in the MDM Scheme, if yes give details. (Pl. Ref. Clause 2.6 r/w 3.9 & 4.4 of MDMS) Yes. Letter no. 2006 dated 01-10-14 and 182 dated 15-09-15 attached.
9 Have any guidelines framed for preparation of nutritious and economical Mid Day Meal, if yes give details. (Pl. Ref. Clause 4.1 of MDMS) Guidelines have been issued in this regard. Letter no. 2007 dated 09.10.2014 and letter no. 277 dated 17.06.2016.
10 Has any IEC (Information, Education and Communication) activity undertaken to inform the end beneficiary i.e. the child through the parents about their fundamental right to receive and duty of the state to serve good quality and good quantity of hygienic food in dignified manner, if yes give details. (Pl. ref. Cl. 3.10) It is being planned.
11 Has any dedicated mechanism developed for public grievance redressal with wide publicity and easy accessibility, if yes give details. Is there any separate web-site (Pl. Ref. Clause 6.3 of MDMS) At present online Mukhyamantri Jan Samvad portal is the source of receiving public grievances and wide publicity has been done and easy accessibility is there.
12 Have State level, District level and Block level Steering-cum-Monitoring Committees been constituted, if yes give composition of each of the committee (Pl. Ref. Clause 3.2 r/w Ann. 8 of MDMS) Yes. Composition details are attached herewith.
13 What Steps have taken for mobilization of mothers to watch Mid Day meal (Pl. Ref. Circular dated 27.12.2005 of MHRD) Saraswati Vahini is the main agency to implement the mid day meal scheme at school level. It is a subcommittee of SMC and consists of mothers whose children are studying in that particular school. Cooks are selected within these mothers and time to time training is also given for mobilization of mothers working as cooks.
14 Does the State Government prepare and send all necessary information to MHRD in the manner as required under Para 5.1 r/w Ann. 11 and Para 5.4 r/w Form 1-3 of MDMS. Has any state level Portal made to make available all this information for public at large. Yes. State level portal will be designed.
15 What is the status of setting up of dedicated website for MDM at State level linked with districts, please furnish the website address. No. But it will be done.
16 What are the steps taken for training of cooks-cum-helpers on continuous basis on Food Safety and Hygiene (Pl. ref. Guidelines dated 13.02.2015 of MDM Division, MHRD. Previously the training was given to them and again it is being planned.
17 Is there any consequential provision of law in case a person is found guilty of not properly implementing various aspects of the Mid Day Meal Scheme? If not, then is the State has any proposal to bring such law in force for ensuring better implementation of MDM Scheme. No, there is no separate consequential provision of law in case a person is found guilty of not properly implementing various aspects of the Mid Day Meal Scheme. However if any person/official is found guilty, proper action is taken against them.